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Photobooth Rental Services for your Events, Your planned client is before you, and you have the chance to have them snap a photo before any foundation you need, which you and to them and they keep for a considerable length of time. Do you see the potential? Photobooth Rental Maryland aptures the spontaneous fun of a wedding. These are the pics everyone wants to see.

Here are only a couple fundamental instances of ways photobooth rental services and moment photo solutions have been used to help experience showcasing programs:

• Choose from open air or enclosed
• Red carpet and LED stanchions
• Props to make photos even more fun
• Customizable with name and date
• 4×6 photo option
• Choice of color for the backdrop
• Personal attendant
• Unlimited prints
• Optional scrapbook

Client Appreciation Events – when the time has come to state thank you to your clients, you need to toss a vital event. Adding a photo experience to any event is simple. They can be redone to fit any subject. If you are planning a privateer themed event, a custom photo station set up with pirate props, and a custom background, or even a live privateer character to present with will draw intrigue. Your client will at that point bring home a privateer picture of themselves and each time they see it will recall your event.


Fairs/Festivals/Trade appears – Make your stall emerge, and give your planned clients a souvenir that they will clutch. A photobooth has an attract to it that is practically unimaginable for some individuals to stand up to. Photo corner rentals and all moment photo services can be tweaked. Each photo that prints out can incorporate you name, logo, or site…

Any photograph that is taken can be printed with a logo, or introduced in a casing or with a custom spread. Backgrounds can be tweaked to incorporate anything you need. Really experience advertising that works can be found in moment photo services! To get Wedding Photographers Washington DC for your next event, contact TABA Entertainment.


DJ Hire Rental, Wedding DJ & Corporate Functions Maryland


Whether it is a birthday party or a pool party or casino or wedding reception or any party for the celebration of your happiness, DJs are a must. And, we have an amazing team of DJS with more than five years of experience. They are known for their offbeat taste for a wide range of music genres and their ability to make you fall in love with music. They are so passionate for music and all provide a different touch to the party. We have DJ Taba, DJ Hesam and DJ Bahador in our team, playing internationally and the renowned DJs in DC, LA, Maryland and beyond. If you are planning for DJ hire rental Washington, we are ready to serve you well.

If you want to throw a corporate party Washington, you can always contact us. We are professional event planners and will take care of your corporate parties in every possible manner. Like- fancy ambiance, classy decoration and lighting maintaining the status of your company, amazing dining, light music and everything based on purpose set by your company. Our planners are specialised in organising sophisticated parties as per the values created by the company. So, whenever you are planning your next corporate success, we are happy to serve!


If you’re planning an event, and you’re thinking about the party. The inquiry ‘why look for DJ hire rental in Washington may spring up sooner or later. Beneath we look to answer that question for you quickly and concisely. A professional music DJ experience holds the capability to make everyone dance on the floor with amazing musical experience, but an unprofessional one can also ruin the fun at the event. So it is important to make a smart division, based on a few important things.

Wedding Lighting, Event Lighting for Corporate Functions Washington, DC

Know how to find the best wedding lighting rentals, For an individual, wedding is the most important day of his (or her) lifetime, which is why we all aim to make it a better and memorable experience. We look for the best professionals for catering, decoration, photography and almost everything. However, in most cases, people underestimate the importance of hiring a professional for wedding lighting rentals DC. We also work closely with you to help you select the right package for your event to help you realize your vision.

Professionals are responsible for making the wedding venues looking attractive and alive with their skills in the wedding lighting services. they know what fits your mood and your wedding theme so you and your guests may feel the energy while they visit to join you on your special day. This make sit important that you don’t just go with anyone you come across while your search for a professional for wedding lighting rental services. The professional must have a great portfolio to show and the relevant experience so that you can trust upon for reliable and affordable services that will help make the guests feel amazed on your special day. Also, it’s good to have a look into the reviews from their past clients as this will let you know the quality of services you will be getting from the service provider.

Select our charming up-lights for a splash of color. Corporate Functions Maryland

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Photo booth rentals are the hot trends in event entertainment and to make the guests feel special as they reach to attend your event. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, engagement ceremony, corporate event or even a wedding ceremony, the photobooth have the potential to keep your guests entertained and engaged.  The photobooth rental Washington DC are not anymore those small boxes with black curtains, but they are designed with latest designs to bring entertainment and fun with great colors, props and a lot more. Event organizers and party rental service providers offer a wide range of photo booths that allow you to customize and capture your special day to make it an event to remember.



The vast majority procure a wedding picture taker for their photos; however their greatest grievance is that the photographic artist never takes the genuine shots that they were seeking after. With an image stand rental, you can have every one of those incredible last-minute pictures that simply occur. Subtitles can be included with the goal that everybody realizes that that unconstrained minute was taken at somebody’s wedding. You can at present have all the formal photographs that are conventional however with the image stand, everybody gets the opportunity to have their photograph taken, not simply the wedding party.

Photos are the only way to relive the past, so, we put all our efforts to make those memories happier, so, take home a custom guestbook with special moments. You can get the photo booths for corporate events, weddings, sport events, birthdays, galas, graduation parties, homecoming parties and annual fests. If you are looking for photo booth rental Maryland, give your company a chance for an unforgettable experience.

Hiring Best Sound Rental Packages & Sound Equipment Services : Taba Entertainment


Are you planning an exceptional event or party? Would you like to ensure you have the most astounding quality sound conceivable, while staying away from the staggering expenses of putting resources into new equipment? If in this way, you should investigate sound system rental. The truth of the matter is leasing the equipment your requirement for a single event or event can enable you to spare a considerable amount of cash, while guaranteeing you get the quality sound you need. Get familiar with a portion of alternate advantages offered by leasing this equipment.


Maybe the most engaging advantage offered by sound equipment rental DC are the reality you can spare a considerable amount of cash. Purchasing a similar equipment new could cost a great many dollars or more. When you lease, you are paying a small amount of the expense. If you need extraordinary sound and an affordable value, leasing is the best approach.

When you lease the equipment, you will likewise have a greater number of alternatives than if you were purchasing. That is on the grounds that when you get, you might almost certainly buy what you have the cash for. When you lease, you can get higher quality parts on the grounds that the rental expense will be substantially less. If you are looking for Wedding Party Washington DC, then contact Taba Entertainment.

Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers & Videographers Rental Washington DC : Taba Entertainment


A wedding photographer isn’t only any photographer who goes along to take a few photos; they ought to almost certainly interface in a friendly and sure way, with the bride, groom, guardians, grandparents and any children at the wedding and now and then, the pet canine too. When looking for wedding photographers Washington DCyou should look for one who comprehend the feelings of the general population going to the wedding, all things considered, by what other means can the wedding photographer catch these feelings on camera, if they don’t feel and comprehend them.

Photobooth Rental Maryland.jpg

The sentiment, fervor and the last acknowledgment of months, perhaps years, of making arrangements for this one day and it’s the wedding photographer’s job to catch these feelings in a reasonable yet, beautiful way. The bride and lucky man will be apprehensive, the guardians trusting everything keeps running as easily as they have made plans for and the children, doing whatever it takes not to look excessively exhausted with all whine around them. We work with the most professional photographers and Professional Videographers Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland to ensure your images are as special as the event itself. Tell Us About Your Event Here : (703) 691-5750

Sound Rental Packages, Sound Equipment Rental DC, Sound System Maryland


Hiring a professional sound system rental, I bet you don’t remember an event where you had the most delicious food, but you would memorize a party where you had great fun with dance on the latest musical tracks. This is the whole idea of bringing here the topic. Sound Rental Virginia is the most crucial part of any event because people will always remember the fun and excitement they had on your wedding ceremony or any other party that you will organize.


When you are planning to organize a party, make sure to keep the sound system rental service providers on the top of your priority list. Of course, you will have a wide range of service providers that will claim to offer the best services and offer a very good collection of music tracks, but is that it for an event? Before you reach the final decision, it is essential that you have a glance at the equipment available with the service provider. They must have the latest equipment available in collection with sound systems that are able to deliver great sound quality, because it’s about the quality of sound that will encourage your guests to move on the dance floor without any hesitation. Connect with us today and reserve the perfect sound equipment rental package for your next event! Corporate Functions Maryland 

Best Bridal Photo Booth Washington, Photo Booth Washington DC, Photobooth Rental Maryland : Taba Entertainment


Know everything about photobooths, If you are planning to organize a special moment with one thing in mind – make it memorable – you must want to make sure that you have everything that adds fun and excitement to the party while allowing your guests to feel special. And the most important and beneficial thing to do it is using the Photobooth Rental Maryland service.  These photo booths are not just designed to add fun to your parties, but also to add thrill and excitement to the party.


All our  photo booths include:

  • Attendant on duty
  • Scrapbook & props
  • A flash drive of all the photos
  • Customized photo booth slips
  • Guests can email their slips to themselves before leaving the booth.

Hire photobooth hire rental services, it is essential that you understand everything about the photobooths. There are two different types of photobooth styles: traditional or classic photobooth and open-air design or CrazyBooth.  So, before you make the final decision, it is essential that you ask the company what kinds of photobooths they have in collection so you can pick the right one for your specific needs. The big brands will usually have a wide range of options to choose from and since they have multiple options available, their prices are also affordable that you can rely upon. They bring to you the best products for better image quality for the lifetime memories with your friends and special ones.

Contact us today!  DJ Services Washington DC

Event Lighting Rental Maryland, Dance Floor Lighting Virginia : Taba Entertainment


Lighting is the most useful asset accessible to make and change the occasion state of mind you envision. There are such huge numbers of perspectives to contemplate; from general lighting to arrange lighting, string lighting to table lighting, yet in addition setting the correct inclination or including a specific dimension of show. Event Lighting Rental Maryland offer wide variety of lighting for your next event.

Picking the correct lighting is fundamental to the accomplishment of your occasion. Lighting can some of the time be considered a reconsideration, yet it’s a critical piece of any occasion. Picking it right can enable you to set the mind-set for your unique day.


To begin with, choose where you will require lighting and make a rundown. Do you have to illuminate the entire occasion territory or simply give lighting to explicit territories? This choice is totally up to you and will rely upon the sort of occasion you are facilitating. When you figure out where you need to put lighting, it is simpler to ascertain the amount you will require. If you require enable, we to can generally enable you to assess the region and settle on those choices. The lighting you pick causes you make a feeling and state of mind for the occasion. If you are looking for Dance Floor Lighting Virginia , then visit Taba Entertainment.

Wedding Entertainer, Corporate Party & Private Party Maryland : Taba Entertainment


Weddings are an interesting mix of emotions. The overall excitement of the wedding can be overshadowed by the anxiety associated with the planning process. After the underlying fervour of getting engaged, you’ll discover there’s a great deal of intending to do! A standout amongst the most overwhelming parts of arranging a wedding can be picking your wedding entertainment Washington. Will it claim to all your guests? Most couples have never had a reason to book a DJ or a band before, so they might be unconscious that as well as can be expected frequently be reserved year and a half ahead of time. So don’t do what numerous couples do, which is leaving looking for the diversion until a couple of months before the wedding, just to then find that a considerable lot of their first decisions are now reserved.


 If you have booked a band and a DJ independently, you might need to keep an eye on whether the band hope to leave when they complete the process of playing, as a few groups will start taking the majority of their equipment out following their keep going tune and relying upon the measure of your setting and where the ways out are, that can aggravate your visitors on the move floor as band individuals run past with expansive equipment, or if it’s frigid cold outside and they have the entryways wide open while they take their equipment out you (and your visitors) may not be cheerful. If you are seeking to choose wedding party Washington DC, contact TABA Entertainment.